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Dzooq have diverse varieties of stone jewellery set. Attractive gemstones are carefully incorporated into each piece of the ornament. Cubic Zircon stones which are eye catchy are mostly used in the stone jewellery set. These stones impart a delightful look to the ornaments. Our jewellery is plated with proper finishes to give it an elegant look. Rhodium plating, gold plating etc are done on varied kinds of jewellery. We have both modern as well traditional type of jewellery. Our jewellery goes well with all styles of clothing and attire. 

Everyone buy jewellery with the aim of wearing it for a long period of time. No one would want to own a jewellery set which gets damaged easily. Our jewellery sets are durable and less prone to any damage. They can be safely kept and worn for years. Each piece of jewellery set is packed in marvellous boxes. You can safely and securely store your ornaments in these boxes.

Without waiting any further purchase any of our beautiful stone jewellery set. 


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