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Traditional Choker Necklace Online

Necklace with matching earring designed for a grand Occasion

Embellish yourself in the gorgeous choker set with matching earrings offered by Dzooq. Chokers are jewellery pieces which are worn closely around neck. Generally they are 14-16 inches and are worn typically for grand occasions. Dzooq traditional choker necklace online made of the material Bronze comes with Rhodium plating. The chokers are stunning with Cubic Zircon stones beautifully designed and arranged. They can enhance your beauty and make you stand out of the crowd. The matching earrings with the necklace will complete your look and make you impressive. The gemstones used in the choker as well as in the earrings are authentic and of finest quality. White with colour blocked pattern they can be worn in any kind of weather. Having adequate weight and thickness they will be convenient and comfortable to wear. Without compromising on quality we charge only a price which is on par with the market rate. Our efficient delivery system guarantees prompt delivery. For the best choker set online choose our product. You will never regret in selecting us.

Item Code: 7730815
Material: Bronze 
Finish: Finish1 
Stone: Cubic Zircon 
Price: QAR950.00
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