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09/09/2022 | Dzooq Qatar

Hey princess! Wondering which necklace will touch your bare neck for a magic tonight? Necklaces are always a cherished jewellery by women. The nicely tailored arrangement of suitable necklace enlightens your complete outlook. Regardless of the occasion, different styles of necklace for women provides the extensive freedom of choice to go along with any outfit. It reward a magnificent outlook even with a single elegant piece of jewellery. Dzooq designs a platform for the best fashion jewellery online in Qatar which has evolved to be the paradise of jewellery for women. Find the most popular necklace designs to make you stand out from Dzooq.

The most common factor which influences the beauty of necklace for  a particular outfit is its length. Necklace for women comes in variety of lengths. They are collar necklace designs of 12 to 14 inches, chocker necklace designs of 14 to 16 inches, princess necklace designs of 16 to 18 inches, matinee necklace designs of 20 to 22 inches, opera necklace designs of 30 to 36 inches and rope necklace designs of 36 inches and above. Necklace designs with different sizes and lengths help to layer them in the most beautiful manner.

Some most popular necklace designs.

Latest necklace designs for women give number of opportunities to custom them with your choice. Meet each one of them and decide who would be your next beauty friend.


if your choice would be to go with the royalty, festoon necklace for women earns its popularity from time immemorial. You can find festoon necklace designs crafted with gemstones, pearls and precious stones to be the epitome of grandeur.


Embellished with a slender chain and a small pendant with decorative stones enlightening the very feminine style have caught eyes in many occasions. Laveliar necklace designs are also found with petite chain connected to a much larger focal piece. Laveliar necklace are crafted mainly with princess lengths for an outstanding feminine, bohemian fashion.


The most versatile piece of jewellery in your collection would be a single strand pendant with a chain and owing its beauty to a single focal piece or element. Irrespective of occasion, a single stranded pendant embellished with a precious get or an element or even a small charm will reward an elegant outlook.


Are you a fan of precious gems, then reviere necklace for women can be a great choice. It is feature with one or two separate rows of precious or semi-precious gem stones. The beauty of stones makes the necklace special.


The evolves version of adorable laveliar focusing on 2 non matched sized drops, which are asymmetrical and irregular shaped make negligee special.


The best choice for a fun and casual jewellery with all the beauty would be a charm necklace. It is very similar to the style of traditional charm bracelet.


The evergreen popularity is enjoyed by beaded necklaces for women. The different varieties of it including glass beads, crystal beads, clay beads, crocheted seed beads, coral beads make it more adorable. It can go with any outfit even with t-shirts, casual dress.

No more compromising on elegant beauty. Mark your style in your choice with the beauty of necklace for women. Befriend Dzooq!

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