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10 Popular Necklace Designs for Women

07/11/2022 | Dzooq Qatar

One of the most gorgeous pieces of jewelry that a woman may own is the necklace. The necklace has long been a red-carpet favorite since it can both add finesse and enhance an outfit. It's the most intriguing and seductive element of any costume, often so alluring that you choose the ensemble based on the jewelry. However, because there are so many different necklace styles available, lots of ladies struggle to choose just one.

What kind of necklace would you choose for a certain event, and what style would be a wonderful all-rounder? Keeping that in mind, we give you 10 necklaces for women.

But before that, take a look at the different lengths of typical necklace designs.

The proper necklace length can be easily purchased if you are aware of this. The entire shopping process can be made much easier by knowing the length and matching it with the appropriate design.

The dimensions of each necklace vary somewhat. There are numerous ways to wear them, however, the following are the standard lengths for necklace designs:

• Collar - 12 to 14 inches
• Choker - 14 to 16 inches
• Princess - 16 to 18 inches
• Matinee - 20 to 22 inches
• Opera - 30 to 36 inches
• Rope - 36 inches and above

Here are the top 10 popular fashion jewelry necklace designs for women.

1. Adjustable-Length Chains

Any jewelry collection must have these premium-quality chains. The most popular materials are often available in polished silver or polished gold, white/rose gold etc., is swiftly gaining popularity among both jewelry makers and buyers.

With fixed-length chains, it might be frustrating because it's challenging to find the ideal length without purchasing several different chains in various lengths.

Meet these adjustable-length chains. Say goodbye to necklaces with fixed lengths and hello to a world of choices thanks to our stunning chain's ability to be adjusted to your perfect length for any occasion.

2. A Festoon Necklace

The Festoon necklace design has been around for ages; the word "Festoon" is Greek and refers to a wreath or garland made of woven flowers, leaves, and branches. You can see this in the festoon necklace designs, which are made of chain strands and other elements that are entwined together to form a draping necklace.

Even though the Festoon may be traced back to ancient times, this hasn't stopped it from being a standard style in the modern-day wardrobe.

Festoon necklaces have beautiful draping features which were popular in the Victorian and Art Nouveau eras. These designs frequently are heavily embedded with metals, pearls, and gemstone accents.

3. Lavalier Necklace

The lavalier necklace style was first launched at the beginning of the 20th century. This sleek and highly feminine form of the necklace features a thin chain with a tiny pendant with attractive stones dangling from it.

A small chain is frequently linked to a much bigger focal piece in lavalier designs. This type of necklace frequently looks its finest when worn with a delicate, bohemian, or feminine style. These usually have a princess length and sit just below the collarbone.

4. Single strand pendant

The single-strand pendant will have a single focal item i.e. a polished silver or gold chain that carries its whole element. Having a pendant necklace is one of the versatile items in your jewelry.

With a huge array of pendants to choose from, it is undoubtedly one of the versatile pieces in your necklace collection. One of the biggest advantages of having a pendant necklace is that it can be easily personalized, so you may use initials to make them stand out as gifts. You might also choose a birthstone-compatible one that won't overshadow your attire.

5. Beaded Necklace

Popular since ancient times with the Egyptian pharaohs, beaded necklaces are popular even today. You will find many fashion jewelries for women that features beaded necklaces. They are made using all sorts of materials such as:

a. Glass beads
b. Crystal beads
c. Clay beads
d. Crocheted seed beads
e. Coral beads

Pair them up with T-shirts, casual dresses and sweaters with jeans.

6. Lariat Necklace Designs

Also known as rope or Y-necklaces, the Lariat necklace design is unique because it doesn’t come with a clasp. The beads or chain create a long rope which you can tie or pull using a rounded finder to suit your style.

The lariat neckless settles below the belly button but you can also wrap it around the throat to create a choker effect.

7. Charm Necklace

A charm necklace carries a similar design to a charm bracelet. Charm necklaces are loved as collectible gifts but also as fashion pieces.

A charm necklace tends to have a pleasant and laid-back vibe to the wearer. Over the years, charm necklaces just like charm bracelets have become quite popular. Consider choosing a charm necklace in a vintage style if you want to transform your look.

8. Choker or Collar

Inspired by the beautiful Cleopatra, choker necklaces are popular since the Middle ages and sit snugly around your neck. You can adjust the sizing of the choker necklaces as they come with different fastenings.

Many people even ask for customized chokers that are designed up to a specific length. You can either make a choker using a single piece of material or multiple small elements.

Chokers were a common choice throughout the Victorian era and are most frequently seen in velvet, gold, and ribbon. These neck-hugging jewelry designs have recently made a comeback and are dominating runways everywhere.

The choker can hang loosely just below the collarbone or extremely high on the neck; you'll notice that the second option is a little longer and hangs freely around the neck. Some choker designs will feature a pendant that will hang in the middle. Amber pendant designs are quite popular in the past.

9. Bib necklace design

A bib necklace features a variety of different layered chains or a sole large element which would cover the whole breastbone. These high-end jewelry designs have been quite popular for years and are also quite expensive.

The bib necklace designs will undoubtedly leave an impression and will make you look class apart from the rest regardless of the occasion. Bib necklace designs are best suited for formal wardrobes.

10. Altered Art Necklaces

Since 2018, Altered art necklaces are popular and come with a huge variety of materials such as charms, faux pearls and vintage lockets.

These necklaces frequently feature costume jewelry and can incorporate a variety of accessories to create a unique, artistic necklace. This kind of necklace can be worn with jeans, t-shirts, and sweaters, among other casual outfits.

11. Shoulder Necklace

Shoulder necklaces are a blatantly underrated accessory that perfectly captures the feminine aesthetic. For formal events like weddings or galas, this kind of necklace can make you stand out from the rest.

A striking shoulder necklace would add an interesting touch to your outfit if you wore it outside of formal settings.

With so many incredible necklace styles to select from, it is simple to understand why necklaces have been an essential component of fashion for so long. Dzooq Jewellery Online Store is one of the top classic Jewelry online stores in Doha, Qatar. We source genuine, high-quality jewelry through partnerships with leading, innovative designers in various countries. We eliminate middlemen which makes the costs much more reasonable and competitive than others for each item you purchase from us.

Make sure you choose the appropriate jewelry for the occasion. There is no reason, however, why you can't wear any type of necklace for any situation. Contact us right away if you need assistance choosing the ideal necklace for you. Call us at +974-6660 2100 or email us at
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